Gloucester Cathedral

About Gloucester Cathedral

Simply one Europe’s finest medieval buildings. Gloucester Cathedral is understandably the most impressive of many historic buildings in Gloucester.

The splendidly restored exterior with its magnificent pinnacled tower and surrounding buildings are matched by an interior with some of the most notable, well preserved, and complete examples of architecture in Britain, from Norman to present day.

Gloucester Cathedral is steeped in history as you would expect from a religious site first founded around 678. Originally erected as a wooden monastery the building ebbed and flowed through times of prosperity and penury. The highly skilled Norman stone masons introduced a permanence that allowed future craftsmen to model and remodel with an inspiration that influenced buildings throughout Europe. Today the building is an inspiration for all that visit.

The extent of the preservation throughout the cathedral enables the visitor to imagine what life was really like for the monks, studying, worshipping, working and playing. Tour guides will point out the detail, Tower tours are really informative and the view is worth the 269 steps. With the crypt, cloisters, treasury, whispering gallery, quire, and stained glass windows to fit in, an afternoon can whiz by. There are exhibitions and special events throughout the year.

Walk in the footsteps of Royals through the ages. Royals who contributed in person, some from afar and one in particular in death – twice!!!!  Walk in the footsteps of famous doctors, politicians, inventors, medieval monks, scholars and others who have influenced the course of British history  Follow in the footsteps of the more recent – the Potters, a time Lord, or just enjoy a fabulous time in a fabulous place.

Opening Times

Daily 07.30am – 18.00pm

Sunday services 7.40am, 8.00am, 10.15am and 3.00pm. Sunday viewing times: 11.45am-2.45pm You may join these services, but be aware that Cathedral access will be restricted.

The Eucharist and Morning and Evening Prayer are offered every day.  All are welcome to come and there is no charge

  • Special services
  • closures due to special events
  • forthcoming events

In term time the building is closed between 08:45 and 09.15 for school assembly.

There is no formal charge for admission,however, adult are asked to make a donation of £5.00 each .

Photography is permitted provided that a donation of at least £5.00 is made.

No photography, video or mobile phone recording is allowed during services or rehearsals for services and concerts.  If you wish to take photographs for commercial purposes, please first contact the Chapter Steward.

Visitors should turn off their mobile phones during their visit, and to refrain from bringing food and drink into the Cathedral.

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